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We have all heard it before, “Salt is bad for you.” Here’s how to avoid sodium in your diet. All it takes is a little getting used to. It’s like smoking. It is very hard to give up. Many people never do even though they know it isn’t good for them. However, once you do give it up, you can’t stand it. Go for it. For your better health, here are 10 tips to help you quit salt today!

Start by avoiding processed foods when ever possible.

Avoid using salt during cooking. (try a salt-free seasoning substitute.)

Avoid adding salt to homemade dishes. Taste food first before you salt it.

Use spices and herbs to enhance the taste of your food.

Eat less well known salty culprits such as potato and corn chips, lunchmeats, hot dogs and canned foods.

Eat more fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

Look at food labels — Seek “low salt” or “low sodium” alternatives.

Choose unsalted nuts or seeds, dried beans, peas and lentils.

Choose unsalted broths, bouillons and soups.

When dining out, ask that your meal be prepared without salt. Be specific about what you want and how you want it.

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“Happy people spend a lot of time socializing, going to church and reading newspapers — but they don’t spend a lot of time watching television, a new study finds.

That’s what unhappy people do.” See the research.

So, what do you do?

Do your own research. For seven days, keep track of what you spend a lot of time doing. Are you socializing? Going to church or another community groups? Are you on the net, shopping, exercising, reading “Twilight” or are you watching a lot of TV with you free time?

If it’s time to make a change your personal study won’t lie. Experts recommend, no more than two hours a day in front of a television. It has been reported that, adults who spend more than 14 hours per week in front of the tube tend to be fatter, have higher cholesterol, smoke more and also report being unhappy.

Being happy is choice. TV off the tub and get plugged into something else. Spending time being actively engaged will boost your happiness level instantly!

What are you going to do today?

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All Olympic Athletes have a nutrition, diet and supplement regiment. However, swimmers are some of the best trained athletes in the world and that puts them on the top of the food chain for fitness. Still, many of them fall short in the key area of nutrition. Micheal Phelps is not one of them. Imagine what an infant would like that was fueled with optimum nutrition. Imagine what that baby would look like when he grew up.

Michael Phelps is an example of where great genes, superior nutrition, a great attitude and a lot of hard work can take you. Athletes are interested in condensing the refueling and recover widow. They want to optimize their training and their endurance. Athletes are striving to maintain and or increase their lean muscle mass. They want reliable and sustainable energy sources. They want results and no adverse reactions

Eating the right foods is the stating block for success for swimmer and any devoted athletes. Unfortunately, “Fad Diets” have sent these athletes a very confusing message. So, what’ really important?

Fact #1 Reduction in carbohydrate intake is the worst action an athlete can take.

Fact#2 Starving your body of nutrients and failing to refuel and replenish an active body is the second worst action you can take.

Fact#3 Just because it says it’s good for you, doesn’t make it good for you. Know what’s in it and where it came from.

A healthy diet for athletes must include a balance of lean proteins, organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains with no garbage added, raw nuts(no salt) and low fat dairy products.

There’s also lots of research out there that has shown that the use of specific dietary supplements in conjunction with your work outs can safely and efficiently optimize the bodies natural healing processes, enhancing muscle strength, endurance and provide more efficient recovery. This research should not be ignored.

It used to be that only the very sick or women that were pregnant were told to take daily vitamins. Today, your Doc. has probably recommended a regiment. But the real value of supplementation is only recently really earning it keep. Today, the power of what you put in your body can have an undeniable effect on your health, you performance level and even you longevity. Still, all supplements are not created equal and often they can not be found in your health food store. The key is to find products with the highest standards of sourcing for their ingredients and companies with a dedication to research.

Stay Healthy & Be Strong!

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Have you read the label?

It’s easy to turn the label around and read in giant writing the word “WARNING”. If that’s not enough to make you a little leery scan down to the last sentence. “Keep out of the Reach of Children.” This stuff may make you feel “juiced”, but it’s not going to make you feel better. In fact, those that are really serious about their physical fitness and performance like Olympic athletes never touch the stuff. The illusion that getting “pumped” is going to help you feel better or preform better is an an illusion only the less experienced fall for.

Why all the Buzz? Yes, that is pun, but really why are Energy Drinks such a craze. Well, let’s look at who’s drinking them. Men, I use that term loosely, between the ages of 15- 35 are the biggest consumers of Energy Drinks. Just look at the Ads, extreme sports enthusiast are the hero’s of each and every commercial. Think Mountain Dew on Steroids.

So, why do these guys need this stuff?

Just Image being them. They’ve got a lot to live up to. It’s not easy being a young man. The world is looking at you to distinguish yourself and of course to being wild is just part of the facade. To be invisible, on top of your game and at the top of your field is a pretty tough standard and there’s lots of competition.

It’s no wonder that this same age group ranks highest for both drug use and alcohol abuse. They just don’t care if it’s safe, but the companies do because they are looking for a wider marketing group. Do you remember hearing, when you were a kid that COKE had cocaine in it when it first came out? Well, it was the original Energy Drink and I’m sure that if it did have cocaine in it you definitely got “energy” but also side effects. That’s why Energy Drink Companies are begging to add Fruit Juice, Ginkgo and what ever else sounds healthy to their concoctions. They are looking ways to off set, at least in the minds of he public the negative side effects of drinking Energy Drinks.

Bottom line they are not safe. It says so right on the label. If you’re serious about gaining sustained energy and feeling really better try a real drink with natural ingedients and no cardiac stimulants.

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Amalaki is promoted as a highly potent natural antioxidant with detoxing and rejuvenating properties. Of course, Zrii isn’t the only antioxidant juice that exist- it’s simply the one that really works.  It is superior not only because of what’s in it -AMALAKI-but also because of where it comes from.  Specifically, it is the synergy of the amalaki with the other ingredients specific to Ayurvedic Medicine and the quality of sourse for these ingredients that make Zrii different.

Amalaki, according to wikipidia is called, “The Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis) is a deciduous tree of the Euphorbiaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name.

Wikipeda reports:

Medical research

Indian gooseberry has undergone preliminary research, demonstrating in vitro antiviral and antimicrobial properties.[4] Experimental preparations of leaves, bark or fruit have shown potential efficacy against laboratory models of disease, such as for inflammation, cancer, age-related renal disease, and diabetes.[5][6][7]

A human pilot study demonstrated reduction of blood cholesterol levels in both normal and hypercholesterolemic men.[8]

Although fruits are reputed to contain high amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 445 mg/100g,[9] the specific contents are disputed and the overall antioxidant strength of amla may derive instead from its high density of tannins and other polyphenols.[10] The fruit also contains flavonoids, kaempferol, ellagic acid and gallic acid.[11][12]

Traditional uses

In folk medicine, dried and fresh fruits of the plant are used. All parts of the plant are used in various Ayurvedic herbal preparations, including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers.[13] According to Ayurveda, amla fruit is sour (amla) and astringent (kashaya) in taste (rasa), with sweet (madhura), bitter (tikta) and pungent (katu) secondary tastes (anurasas).[14] Its qualities (gunas) are light (laghu) and dry (ruksha), the post-digestive effect (vipaka) is sweet (madhura), and its energy (virya) is cooling (shita).[15]

According to Ayurveda, amla is specific to pitta due to its sweet taste and cooling energy.[16] However, amla is thought to balance vata by virtue of its sour taste, and kapha due to its astringent taste and drying action. It may be used as a rasayana (rejuvenative]] to promote longevity, and traditionally to enhance digestion (dipanapachana), treat constipation (anuloma), reduce fever (jvaraghna), purify the blood (raktaprasadana), reduce cough (kasahara), alleviate asthma (svasahara), strengthen the heart (hrdaya), benefit the eyes (chakshushya), stimulate hair growth (romasanjana), enliven the body (jivaniya), and enhance intellect (medhya).[17][18]

In Ayurvedic polyherbal formulations, Indian gooseberry is a common constituent, and most notably is the primary ingredient in an ancient herbal rasayana called Chyawanprash.[19] This formula, which contains 43 herbal ingredients as well as clarified butter, sesame oil, sugar cane juice, and honey, was first mentioned in the Charaka Samhita as a premier rasayana or rejuvenative compound.[20][21]

With out too much research, it’s easy to see Zrii could be a valuable addition to the diet of those looking for rejuvenation, enhanced intellect, increased energy or for those suffering with digestive problems. The synergy of the ingredients is such that Zrii can have a very positive effect on both your mental mood and your digestion if used over time. As such, it is a valuable addition to the holistic health practitioner and those seek alternative health enhancements.

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Colostrum advocates report positive results with Candida, diabetes, arthritis, weight loss, allergies, viral illnesses and even auto immune diseases, but does it really work?

Doctors seem to think so.  They have been successfully using immunoglobulin therapy for years in the fight against tons of viruses such as the flu, respiratory infections and Hepatitis.

The advantages to immunoglobulin-derived passive immunity are many.  For starters, pathogens can’t build up resistance to immunoglobulins because the body can design new antibodies faster than the pathogens can come up with new ways to defeat them.  That’s cool!  The body is also cool because it doesn’t even have to be exposed to the pathogen to build immunity against it.  Wow!

The best source of Immunoglobulins for Immune Support is hands down cliniclly proven Bovine Colostrum. This is the first milk produced by the mother cow that is loaded with immune, growth and tissue repair factors to aid in the development of immunity in the newborn calf and it contains 40% concentration of Immunoglobulin G (lgG). Make sure that it has a protective coating to maximize absorption and flash pasteurized to maintain maximum milk protein survival. Bovine colostrum is available in oral spray, capsule, powder or flavored chewable tablets.

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Why a Weight Loss Blog?

Welcome to the Weight Loss Messages Blog

The Weight Loss Blog is the culmination of all we have learned trying to care for our family in natural, organic and healthy ways.

We share on topics including Nutrition, Fitness, Diets, health, the environment, Weight Loss and anything else we find fascinating.

We hope you pick up something new each visit and that you’ll share your own experiences in the comments.

If you are a first time visitor, we are Weight Loss Messages and we are excited about the opportunity to share with you all that we have discovered about “wholeness” living.

We hope that you will visit often and contribute your own experiences and knowledge in the comment sections.

We believe you need to Nourish and provide Nutrition the body as well as the mind to achieve abundance in all aspects of living.

Abundance isn’t just one of our core beliefs. It’s a philosophy.

The path to abundant living and health benefits STARTS TODAY!

Stay Healthy!

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Many people simply using common products experience the strange sensation of the “niacin flush” and probably didn’t even know what it is. Niacin, by nature, is a great way of reducing your cholesterol. Many over-the-counter cholesterol medications include high does of niacin, among other ingredients. And many “Health Foods” include it in there Shakes,  Protein Bar, Dietary Vitamin Supplements, and even in there Electrolyte Drink Mixes. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of taking niacin is the “niacin flush”

The “Flush” is caused by Niacin widening the capillaries (small blood vessels) in your body. The capillaries are usually extremely small and blood passes through them very slowly. The problem with this is that the capillaries are the main way for your body to rid itself of toxins. Your arteries are much larger than capillaries and can carry more blood and at a faster rate, but they do not reach the majority of your body. Arteries are the “highways” of your body and capillaries are more like the small town road that you exit off of the highway from in order to get to your house. Your house, in this example, would be a cell somewhere in a remote part of your body that is full of toxins. Without sufficient blood flow (oxygen, and the good stuff that comes along with it), this cell cannot rid itself of its’ toxins. Now, imagine your city widening the road that leads by your house — the traffic would increase right and they would probably increase the speed limit. The same thing happens to your capillaries! They carry more blood at a faster rate and your cells receive more blood to rid themselves of toxins throughout your body as the capillaries get wider!

Niacin causes the capillaries to get bigger, resulting in the “flush”. The increase in size of your capillaries occasionally causes a redness on your skin in the areas that it is occurring, typically the hands and feet. Next comes the itch. Although annoying, this itch is actually healthy! The itch is a result of the niacin allowing more blood to reach your cells to remove toxins from them. As toxins are carried away your cell becomes healthier, your body responds by sending histamine to the cell. Histamines cause you to itch, but it also allows your body to send more water, blood, and nutrients to the areas in need.

The “niacin flush” is no doubt uncomfortable. It is also a very healthy reaction from your body! You shouldn’t be worried when or if you get it; actually the very opposite! It means your body is healing itself.

So relax, the “Flush” will go away and remember, It’s good for you. If effects worsen of course check with your Doc, but these mild effects are nothing to worry about.

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Sometimes our health issues and even our weight battles are all in our minds.

You are not alone if you eat to deal with stress or sadness. The fact is most people do, but gaining control will help you gain better health and happiness for a lifetime.

Ancient Chines Fortune Cookie says, “A good laugh and a good cry both Cleanse the Mind”.

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Here’s a great question that came in today about getting paid to share Health related products.

“I am considering joining an affiliate program or an MLM. Do I have to purchase a certain amount per month or year to get paid?”

Laura, NY

To get paid:
I n most companies, the easy way to explain it is to imagine you have two pockets, (sometimes you have up to five- but the less the better) one on your left and one on your right. Right now each pocket has a 1 hole. The way you start your business is to sew up the holes in in each pocket so that the $ that is falling into your pockets does not fall out.
Here are the three steps to sew up your pockets- Start you business.
1. Sign up as an affiliate.
2. Order the minimum of what ever get’s you started in volume and get on autoship or sell that much retail every month.
3. Sign up 2 business partners- One on the left and one on the right- that order the minimum in volume every month.
Those are the basics of most companies.  Some may differ.  The important thing is to find a company you believe in. Passion is what will propel your business.  I hope that helps.

It’s worth it.  What other busness can you work when ever you want, make as much as you want and avtually help people get themselves and there families healthy.  It just makes you feel good!

Stay Healthy,

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